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For dry and combination skin




The line of products for all hair types, especially recommended for dry and damaged hair. The unique product’s formulas were based on argan oil, called “Moroccan Gold”, which give your hair 7 results:

  • restores the beautiful shine
  • regenerates the hair from the inside and smooths
  • facilitates combing and styling
  • strengthens and moisturizes
  • gives the softness and elasticity
  • protects against the harmful effects of external factors
  • prevents hair from being too fluffy


The ampoules were created for immediate reconstruction of damaged hair, with strong strengthening and regeneration of hair scales. They combine highly concentrated natural ingredients with the latest technological developments. Suitable for all hair types, particularly requiring deep hydration and nutrition. Silky texture of the product allows for even spreading of product on the hair.

6pcs Ampoules for hair with Argan oil(5*7)ML

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