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DETOX line designed for make-up removal and comprehensive facial skin cleansing. It is based on innovative and gentle formulas with active carbon, with a deep and precise detoxifying effect.

A black mask in fabric form, strongly saturated with active serum, intended for oily, acne-prone and mixed complexions. Gives a feeling of instant cleansing, smoothing and improvement of the skin condition. The formula is rich in active charcoal which effectively absorbs contaminants. EVERMAT™ reduces enlarged pores. Bamboo shoots add vitality to tired skin.


1. Clean and dry your face.
2. Carefully apply the mask and smooth the mask over your entire face with your fingertips, so that the entire surface adheres to your skin.
3. Wait 10-15 minutes.
4. Remove the mask, massage the residue into the skin and wash with lukewarm water.


6Pcs Active Charcoal Sheet Mask DETOX

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