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100% ACTIVE VEGAN INGREDIENTS: YUZU EXTRACT - has a toning effect on the scalp and hair; moisturizes and smoothes. NETTLE EXTRACT - strengthens, contains valuable vitamins and minerals, improving the condition of the hair. SEAWEED - rich in sea micro and macro elements.


Botanical LIGHT formula rich in plant active ingredients perfectly cares for your hair, restoring its shine, shine and improving its condition right up to the ends. The mask makes them fluffy, moisturizes, noticeably softens, smoothes and tones the hair. Thanks to the optimal composition, the mask does not intensify the production of sebum, makes the hair look well-groomed, does not tangle, and is easy to comb without the effect of static and load.

1Pc 100% PURE VEGAN Hair mask - OILY HAIR 250ML

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