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Working activity Vegan active ingredients make the hair regain its shine and freshness of color, it is fluffy and easy to comb without the static effect. CONTAINS WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR EFFECTIVE CARE AND BEST FOR YOUR HAIR 100% ACTIVE VEGAN INGREDIENTS: ALMOND MILK - rich in white building blocks and minerals, it is used in hair "oiling" due to its strong conditioning properties; moisturizes and nourishes, smoothes noticeably, makes detangling easier. BLUEBERRY EXTRACT - with strengthening, moisturizing and smoothing properties. GREEN TEA EXTRACT - an ingredient that is appreciated in hair care, which stimulates the hair follicles, as well as moisturizing and regenerating - helps to rebuild damaged hair and prevents split ends.

1Pc 100% PURE VEGAN Hair conditioner - COLORED HAIR

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