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A matte and fresh-looking complexion is the basis for a good look. The problem with unsightly glaze
can be overcome by using appropriate cosmetics.
During the day, we can use mattifying tissues to improve the appearance of luminous skin,
which will allow you to refresh your makeup in an easy and quick way.

Mattifying tissues are paper made of cellulose pulp, making them soft and delicate for the skin.

The tissues absorb excess sebum from the skin of the face and leave it naturally fresh,
healthy and nicely matted

1. Provide a fresh and natural look with a super mat effect
2. Remove the excess of sebum
3. Eliminate the shine of the skin
4. They restore a fresh look
5. Do not wash or damage your make-up
6.They extend the durability of makeup
7. Do not dry out
8. Particularly recommended for people with oily and mixed skin, with enlarged pores and acne prone.



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