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 Royal Snail Concentrated intensive smoothing cream  60+ is created for complex mature skincare after the age of 60. Intensely regenerates, moisturises and helps to reduce wrinkles visibility, thanks to innovative formula and precious snail slime filtrate. The cream shallows even deeper wrinkles and furrow lines: filtered snail mucus in combination with active soy isoflavones reduces the visibility of wrinkles, intensively smoothes and stimulates the renewal of skin's building collagen fibres, boosting its regeneration and provides deep nourishing. Active ingredients are eliminating the visibility of spots and discolourations and restoring a radiant, youthful colour. Models the face oval and improves elasticity. Supports skin renewal processes. Eveline Royal Snail is the line of products with a snail filtrate extract, inspired by classic Korean beauty care. Snail slime extract is one of the most valuable and effective ingredients in a fight with skin aging and achieving smooth, naturally glowy skin. A cream containing snail slime filtrate may raise some ethical and aesthetic concerns. However, they are completely unnecessary. Obtaining this ingredient is a non-invasive process and products have a pleasant smell and do not look or feel like snail slime at all. Obtaining mucus, used in Eveline Cosmetics, is done without causing any harm to snails.



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