Lifting and Smoothing  Cream-Concentrate 40+ 
Effectively improves skin look and condition, intensely smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Reinforces the protective barrier of the skin and prevents progressive processes of epidermis flabbiness, thanks to the richness of the advanced ingredients: 
SPHERICAL HYALURONIC ACID  – hyaluronic acid "microcapsules" act as bioactive wrinkle fillers.  
BLUE COLLAGEN™, the so-called sea collagen, contains the sequence of nourishing amino acids, effectively regenerates, makes the skin elastic and restores its youthful softness. 
COENZYME Q10 is the ingredient naturally occurring in the skin. Revitalises, invigorates and neutralises free radicals. 
Puridetox™ acts as an active protective barrier against harmful effects of air pollution and free radicals. 
Pullulan tightens the skin, shallows wrinkles, improves skin condition and antioxidises. 

1Pc Hyaluron & Collagen Day & Night Cream 40+