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The innovative formula of the switch-off anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes and eyelids immediately alleviates the signs of aging, effectively restores the radiance and youthful appearance of the eye area. The richness of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, E and F contained in 100% organic olive oil actively stimulate the skin to regenerate and effectively reduce the visibility of signs of aging. Olive oil creates an invisible, silky film on the skin, thanks to which the eye area is perfectly nourished, smoothed and firm. The effect of the eye cream is supported by a number of active substances such as CYTOBIOL ™ LUMIN-EYE, which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and restores skin density. ADIPOLESS - a natural quinoa extract that prevents the formation of fat "cams" under the eyes. PRODIZIA ™ reduces visible signs of fatigue such as dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

Smoothes wrinkles, turns off and unifies skin color.

CAFFEINE activates microcirculation, thus minimizing the occurrence of swelling. Brightens the eye area.

1Pc Bio OLIVE anti-wrinkle eye cream 20ML

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