mature skin, day and night


The carefully selected herbal formula of the cream guarantees a spectacular improvement in the appearance of the skin, in all ages.


The rejuvenating properties of organic olive oil have been known since ancient times.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and In vitamins A, B, C, E, and F, which actively stimulate skin regeneration, effectively reducing the visibility of aging. bioHialuronic acid binds water in the deeper layers of the epidermis, perfectly hydrating. bioArgano oil stimulates the reconstruction of collagen fibers, guaranteeing a wrinkle-reducing effect.

bioPomegranate visibly improves and evens out complexion.

Grape seed oil gently brightens and delays the aging process of the skin. This vitamin effectively fights free radicals, restores skin firmness and elasticity.

Wheat proteins accelerate the regeneration cycle of the epidermis, preventing the formation of wrinkles.



Use the cream on cleansed skin of the face and neck, every morning and evening.



1Pc BIO OLIVE Actively rejuvenating cream serum with 100% olive oil 50ml