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WHAT IS IT? It is the mattifying and detoxifying cream that, like a magic elixir, eliminates visibility of pores and reduces excess sebum, ensuring its smoothness and flawless look. It's light, so perfect for daily skincare, also under make-up. SECRET TO EFFECTIVENESS? Your Beauty Elixir contains the composition of active ingredients of extraordinary power, without any unnecessary additives weighing down the skin. PEACH MATT! Mattifying Detoxifying Cream THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR SKIN! Niacinamide reduces imperfections, discolorations and wrinkles. Peach optimally moisturizes and refreshes the epidermis. Probiotics protect the skin microflora. Tapioca effectively absorbs excess sebum. Matcha mattifies and supports the skin in the struggle against imperfections.

1Pc PEACH MATT! Mattifying Detoxifying Cream

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