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False Definition 4D Extension Volume Mascara is the quintessence of luxury for your eyelashes. The innovative BOLD & FLEXY BRUSH conical brush ensures perfect coverage of every eyelash , even the one hidden in the corner of the eye. Its elasticity perfectly adapts to the shape of the eyelashes, ensuring maximum thickening and exceptional separation.

The intensely black formula of the mascara, enriched with the best ingredients, immediately lengthens and sensually curls the eyelashes, shaping them for an eye-catching look. The product does not crumble, does not flake off and is easily washed off with micellar fluid.


  • Incredible XXL volume: false eyelashes effect.
  • Intense black color for a deep, expressive look.
  • Precise application thanks to the conical brush.
  • Lengthening and curling eyelashes.
  • Exceptional durability: the ink does not crumble or reflect.
  • Comfortable makeup removal with micellar fluid.

3Pcs EXTENSION VOLUME Mascara with the effect of false eyelashes

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