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Concealer Sensation Set 4in1 by Eveline Cosmetics

for women who want to hide skin defects and choose professional,
multifunctional products while valuing comfortable, compact forms.

CONCEALER SENSATION 4 IN 1 equalizers are characterized by a creamy,
easy to apply and spread formula.

The concealer palette is a set of 4 different colors that balance the skin tone,
give a fresh and healthy look:
Green - masks broken capillaries and redness.
Yellow - illuminates, hides dark circles under the eyes and signs
of tiredness.
Beige - masks skin imperfections.
Violet - masks discolorations

Additional information:
Product Company: Eveline Cosmetics
Size: 4.4g


1Pc Concealer Sensation 4in1 4,4g

£2.60 Regular Price
£2.47Sale Price
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