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New luxurious pressed powder Celebrities Beauty with high content of natural ingredients ensures brilliant look and comprehensive daily care of the complexion. Delicate, velvety texture of the powder makes spreading it evenly easier, perfectly matches the structure of your skin, giving it fresh, silky-matt look all day long. Perfectly conceals imperfections and absorbs excess sebum, not drying up the skin. The formula does not contain parabens, whereas pigments used in Celebrities Beauty powder are of natural origin.

Celebrities Beauty powder not only beautifies your skin, but also cares about its condition. Has unmatched nourishing and protecting values thanks to rich set of ingredients necessary for proper skin functioning:
- silk extract – maintain water in epidermis, makes skin elastic and firm, minimizing fatigue symptoms;
- green tea and cacao-tree extract – are rich source of polyphenols and falvonoids. contained in it natural ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals restore healthy colouring and glow to the skin thanks to their nourishing and regenerating action. Protect skin against negative influence of free radicals, intensively moisturize and prevent from water loss.


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