LOTON - DETOX cleansing shampoo with active charcoal 300 ml

  • An innovative combination of ingredients for simultaneous cleansing and moisturizing of the hair
  • The activated carbon contained in the shampoo has strong cleansing properties
  • Adsorbs impurities in the hair and scalp
  • In combination with the cleansing properties of white clay and the moisturizing power of sea algae, your hair will be deeply cleansed and moisturized
  • It does not stain
  • For all hair types
  • Content: 300 ml


Cleansing hair mask with active carbon

The wealth of active micronutrients from the interior of the earth. Activated carbon and white clay facilitate the detoxification process, the vitamin complex supports the reconstruction of the hair structure and strengthens the hair follicles, and panthenol and sea algae deeply moisturize. As a result, the hair is stronger, smoother and easier to style. How to use: apply to washed hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • The LOTON rebuilding hair mask with keratin is dedicated to hair that requires strengthening and reconstruction.
  • Active carbon:
    - supports the reconstruction of the hair structure
    - strengthens the hair follicles
    - deeply moisturizes, does not stain
  • Regular use of the mask gives the effect of strong and healthy-looking hair full of shine.
  • Capacity: 500g



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