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A dry sheet mask with precisely applied doses of concentrated vitamin C, activated with a special rich serum. Activation takes place immediately before the mask is applied to the skin: vitamin C, found in special points on the non-woven fabric, is in the form of a powder, which dissolves and activates under the influence of the liquid from the second chamber.

The ingenious solution that allows for instant and hygienic pouring of the liquid activator into the chamber with the fleece just before applying the mask on the face, is aimed at maximizing the effect - combining the strength of Vitamin C from the non-woven fabric and active ingredients from the serum.



1. Roll up the sachet from right to left in the direction of the arrows and the PRESS message.

 2. Squeeze the liquid sachet to push the liquid from one compartment into the fabric compartment. There is a special seal in the area marked with a hose on the packaging, which will allow you to do so. 

3. Press the chamber with the fabric several times so that the liquid is evenly distributed in it. Wait for a while - let the fabric soak up the liquid. 4. Open the fabric compartment, put the mask on your face and wait 15-20 minutes. After this time, remove the mask, massage the excess liquid into the skin or rinse your face with lukewarm water. 5. And now - enjoy a beautiful, moisturized face

1Pc Power Vit.C Sheet Mask & Illuminating Serum Lemon 22ml

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