Golden Ceramides Moisturizing and soothing micellar water for cleaning and removing make-up mature, also sensitive skin.

The preparation, thanks to the content of reliable micelles, thoroughly cleans and refreshes the epidermis, effectively removes make-up and other dirt.

It provides the skin with everything it needs at the cleansing stage: tones, optimally moisturizes, soothes, soothes, perfectly prepares the skin for cream or serum.

Leaves the skin clean, fresh, soothed and full of radiance., Contains biocompatible ceramides that quickly and easily penetrate into it, creating an impermeable barrier that protects the epidermis against water loss and the destructive influence of external factors, and the skin acquires a new quality, becomes smooth, elastic, optimally moisturized, fully revitalized.,, 24 carat ...

1Pc GOLDEN CERAMIDES Golden Ceramides Moisturizing and soothing micellar water

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