Natural, bronzing body foam that will cover the skin with a beautiful, healthy tan. The foam formula is easy to spread, in addition, it does not dry the skin and does not smell like a typical self-tanner. The composition does not include SLS, PEGs, parabens and mineral oils. The cosmetic gives the effect of lightly sun-kissed skin. Easy to use, does not create stains.

Active ingredients:

  • Turmeric extract - has a nourishing and smoothing effect. Effectively evens out the skin tone,
  • Chia seed extract - strongly moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Smoothes and gives shine,
  • Sweet almond oil - evens out the color and reduces discoloration. It has antibacterial properties, perfectly hydrates the skin and soothes inflammation and irritation,
  • Mango extract - has a moisturizing effect, increases skin elasticity and firmness and evens out the skin tone,
  • Betaine - has moisturizing and soothing properties,
  • Erythrulose - gives the skin a beautiful and uniform tan, similar in appearance to the natural one.

1Pc Body Boom Bronze Bronzing Body Foam 150ML

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