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The multi-repair face serum is an advanced biotechnological solution that marks the beginning of a new era in anti-ageing care. Developed with the highest perfection, the patent-pending formula is based on an innovative combination of as many as 6 forms of hyaluronic acid with the unprecedented, triple power of retinol. The innovative combination of active ingredients, unrivalled in their effectiveness, provides the skin with an immediate rejuvenation effect. A multi-repairing serum, strongly anti-wrinkle, thanks to a hybrid combination of 3 forms of retinol with ginseng extract and acacia collagen, activates the mechanisms of skin regeneration, reducing the visibility of lines and deep wrinkles. The skin becomes moisturized, spectacularly toned and brightened. The serum contains pure retinol derivatives. Cosmetics based on them should be introduced to care gradually and used only in the evening, and during the treatment avoid contact with sunlight.

Active ingredients:

  • BAKUCHIOL: vegetable retinol, which actively stimulates the renewal of skin cells, without the risk of irritation. Thanks to its micro-exfoliating ability, it visibly brightens discolourations and pigmentation spots, effectively reducing imperfections.
  • LOX-AGE: botanical retinol, derived from chicory extract. It plays a key role in improving the quality of collagen and elastin fibres, which visibly firms the skin, restoring its proper density and elasticity.
  • RETINYL PALMITATE: a stable form of vitamin A that strengthens the epidermis and effectively prevents the transepidermal water loss occurring in it, resulting in the elasticity of the skin, reducing existing wrinkles and preventing the formation of new ones.


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