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A unique, durable and waterproof eye makeup pencil. Available in as many as 6 different colors, it will make your makeup unforgettable!


A wonderful gel pencil will work not only as a cosmetic to subtly mark the eyelash line, but also perfectly pass the exam as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow base. The application of the crayon will be easy for everyone thanks to the soft formula and handy shape of the cosmetic. 

High durability and water resistance will guarantee you makeup for the whole day, it will also work as makeup for the waterline! Intensive pigmentation of the crayon is the certainty of a unique make-up, and 6 different colors will allow you to create unexpected make-ups! Black, brown, blue, turquoise, beige and champagne -

1Pc VARIETY Gel eyeliner champagne 06

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