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The new series was created for dry hair, dull, susceptible to damage.

Light formula, which does not weigh the hair down, contains a rich complex with humectantsaloe vera and silk, that:

  • gives hair optimal hydration for hair
  • protects the hair from loss of moisture
  • gives a silky shine
  • helps to restore damaged hair healthy and beautiful look.

Thanks to a convenient application-spray, the conditioner spreads well on your hair. It smoothes the hair structure, giving it a softness and a beautiful shine. A light mist provides adequate moisture of each strand of hair.

Ideally moisturized and shiny hair.



Spray onto washed, dry or damp hair, then comb thoroughly. DO NOT WASH OFF! In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water.

1Pc MARION Silk in Spray 130ML

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