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A spot roll-on used on imperfections will quickly deal with impurities and inflammations of the skin. The formula was created to quickly and effectively dry and remove blackheads from the skin. The complex of 5% shikimic and mandelic acid, burdock and tea tree extracts, zinc, copper and sulfur is an excellent mixture for quick intervention. It will get rid of imperfections, blackheads and inflammations with great precision. Effectively smoothes and nourishes the skin and visibly improves its condition. Cosmetic recommended for acne and problematic skin.

• Removes imperfections
• Cleanses the skin
• Smoothes and nourishes the skin
• Exfoliates dead skin
• Antibacterial
• Reduces inflammation

How to use:
Use once to 3 times a day on problem areas.

1Pc Perfect Skin.acne Spot Roll-on for imperfections 15ml

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