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The line of oriental oils is designed to provide dry hair with intensive reconstruction and smoothness. A few drops of oils are enough for the hair to regain its natural and healthy look.

For all hair types.

The oils contained in the formula nourish the hair, rebuilding its structure. Hair looks healthy and shiny

  • Macadamia - provides the hair with deep nourishment, smoothing and regeneration, making it easier to style,
  • Argan - restores beautiful shine to the hair, making it soft and elastic, without weighing it down,
  • Ylang-ylang - stimulates hair growth, rebuilding and regenerating it.

Squeeze 2-3 drops onto your hair, avoiding the root . Use as you like:
1 . Before drying and styling on damp hair - make it soft and easy to style.
2 . To finish the hairstyle - to bring out the beautiful shine of the hair. Do not rinse. Protect your eyes. In the event of the preparation coming into contact with the eyes, rinse them with water.


SKU: EX778
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