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BB cream all in one from the My Beauty Elixir series will provide the skin with a natural, healthy look. Its wonderful fragrance will make everyday care even more pleasant.


Niacinamide will rejuvenate the skin and ensure its proper hydration, peach will smooth and nourish the skin. Squalane and vegan collagen will add firmness to the skin and help in its optimal hydration. Bamboo will add a pleasant glow to the skin, and rose oil will regenerate and protect the epidermis. Our Polish drugstore in the UK offers two shades of Eveline My Beauty Elixir BB cream - light and dark, which will allow you to choose the one that suits you better. 


How to use:

Apply face cream. Spread.

1Pc My Beauty Elixir Nourishing BB Cream All In One LIGHT No.1 PEACH

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