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Intimo Micelar Gel - BielendaThe Intimate Gel contains lactic acid for added protection and gentle intimate care. A combination of natural extracts and lactic acid. Double protection, thanks to the combined action of herbal ingredients and lactic acid. Double fungal protection. Paraben-free. Without artificial colors Intimate Gel is suitable for sensitive skin and irritation. Clean with a gentle formula suitable for the genital area. Intimate Gel contains Aloe Vera extract. A balanced pH that does not affect the physiological structure of the skin. Reliably protects against fungi and bacteria. Ideal care for your intimate hygiene. Suitable for: all skin types. Contains: 170 ml. Cruelty Free - Not tested on animals - Natural ingredients.

1Pc Micellar Intimate Care Liquid Aloe Vera and Lactic Acid300ml

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