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The Marion Love Holo face serum will help you with this.

Acai berries provide the skin with a complex of essential vitamins and minerals, thanks to which they strengthen and increase its resistance to external factors. In addition, they have antioxidant properties, thus preventing premature aging. On the other hand, the composition of hyaluronic acid and goji berries ensures proper skin hydration, which translates into its softness, elasticity and comfort.

 Never forget to care for your skin! Already after the age of 18, it is worth paying attention to her, and she will certainly repay her with a fantastic condition and appearance. The Marion Love Holo smoothing face serum will give it only benefits.

How to use: Apply to clean skin. Evenly distribute it. Perfect as a make-up base. For use in wounds and in the evening.




SKU: EX1402
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