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Time to wake up!


Need an impulse to get out of bed? Or maybe your skin needs stimulation after a day of hard work?

We have a solution for that! Try our hydrogel patches with coffee extractCaffeine and guarana are a great duo that will stimulate the skin, smooth it and reduce the visibility of shadows under the eyes. Addiction of alantoin soothes and protects from irritation the delicate skin around the eyes.



1. Wash and dry your face thoroughly. Remove the protective foil from the patch.
2. Place the patch under the eye so that it adheres to the skin.
3. Leave on the skin for 20-30 minutes.
4. Remove the petal. Gently pat the remainder into the skin. Do not wash off with water.

1Pc MARION Hydrogel patches with coffee extract COFFEE UP

SKU: 6393
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