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Moisturizing and soothing barrier serum is a way to strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis, while providing the skin with rich care ingredients. The formula of the serum effectively deals with irregularities in the functioning of the hydro-lipid layer, as well as its disturbed ability to bind and retain water. It restores the water-lipid balance in the epidermis, providing it with the right dose of hydration, but also nourishment and lubrication.




- a real increase in skin hydration

- improvement of firmness and elasticity

- reduction of transepidermal water loss

- reduction of erythema and redness of the skin



Every morning and/or evening, massage the serum into cleansed face skin, leave to absorb. To enhance the effect, we recommend combining the use of the cream with other products in the HYDRO LIPIDIUM series.

1Pc HYDRO LIPIDIUM MAXIMUM TOLERANCE Moisturizing and soothing barrier serum30ml

SKU: 196813
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