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The night mask cleverly uses the time for night regeneration of your hair, when you sleep sweetly. It contains an injection of proteins, emollients and humectants, so that in one treatment it provides the hair with all the necessary ingredients and provides them with proper nutrition, hydration and strengthening.

PEH Balance

The composition of the product has been developed to help maintain a balance between proteins, emollients and humectants (PEH). That is, three essential pillars in hair care.


Apply the mask to slightly damp hair. Pin them up and hold them on your hair min. 45 minutes or leave overnight. Then wash your scalp with a shampoo and apply a conditioner of your choice to ensure proper PEH balance of your hair.

1Pc HiSkin Crazy NIGHT MASK - BERRY 300ml

SKU: 5907775546342
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