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Eveline Gold Peptides Eye Lifting Cream

Eye cream is an excellent lifting product. Active ingredients smooth the skin, help in its reconstruction and visibly rejuvenate it.

The lifting cream from the Gold Peptides series is a perfect recipe for beautiful skin. A unique lifting cream for the eye area restores the skin's elasticity and firmness. It contains gold peptides that help reduce wrinkles and reduce dark circles under the eyes. The formula rich in ceramides and caffeine helps repair skin damage and restore its radiance. Gravity Up® and Volufiline™ technologies eliminate swelling and reduce the effects of skin aging. Its light consistency is quickly absorbed, giving immediate lifting and nourishing effects. This is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to maintain a youthful appearance!


  • It has a smoothing effect on wrinkles
  • Reduces dark circles and swelling
  • Repairs skin damage and restores its radiance
  • Takes care of the lifting effect
  • Adds radiance and freshness to the skin
  • Suitable for day and night

1Pc Gold Peptides Cream - eye lifting 20ML

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