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Protein conditioner for hair volume Crazy Hair HiSkin with chocolate will add healthy volume and shine to your hair. Hydrolyzed rice, corn and wheat proteins contained in the composition fill microdamages in the hair structure, soften and make it noticeably smooth.

The natural amino acid arginine, also present in the composition, gives hair additional volume and stimulates their growth, promoting the penetration of active ingredients into the scalp. Crazy Hair HiSkin protein conditioner is especially suitable for curly and stiff hair, restoring micro-damages in the hair structure and making it softer and shinier.

The specially developed composition of the PEH Balance product provides a balance between proteins, emollients and moisturizing agents, which makes Crazy Hair HiSkin protein conditioner an ideal choice for hair care.
Apply a small amount of product to wet hair, leave for 20-30 minutes and enjoy the result - healthy volume and shine of your hair.

1Pc Crazy Hair protein conditioner for hair with a chocolate aroma 300 ml

SKU: 5907775546281
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