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INDEX: 27 Platinium Blonde


BOTANICAL is a line of colouring shampoos created for people who appreciate the power of nature and traditional recipes. It combines passion and knowledge with the carring properties od herbs in the colouring proces.

The Intensive Black hair color shampoo is designed for hair in shades from light blonde to medium blonde. The formula is enriched with complex of herbs such as calendula, arnica, nasturtium, which nurtures and protects hair during colouring proces. The mild, vegan ammonia-free formula gives hair a beautiful healthy-looking colour that las tup to 24 washes. The shampoo covers grey hair perfectly. The final colouring result depends on the natural hair colour.

The intensive conditioner contains a vitamin complex, avocado oil and shea butter, which make hair softer, smoother and shinier and the colour more expressive.


  • intense, deep colour;
  • 100% grey hair coverage;
  • beautiful, natural hair.


1Pc MARION Color shampoo BOTANICAL( 27 Platinium Blonde )

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