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99% ingredients of natural origin


COCKTAIL SCRUB body scrub is not only a perfect exfoliation and softening of the epidermis, an innovative vegan formula with interesting active ingredients and prebiotics for even better protection of your skin; but also a real colorful mix of ingredients:


PEACH, full of vitamins C and E, which perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin nicely and contributes to its regeneration and smoothing.


KOMBUCHA - rich in vitamin C, which perfectly detoxifies the body and adds radiance to the skin.


PREBIOTICS that perfectly protect the microbiome of your skin.



Sugar particles that perfectly cleanse and exfoliate thickened epidermis, improve firmness, eliminate roughness and leave the body velvety smooth and soft to the touch. An intense, fresh fragrance that puts you in a great mood.



Apply the peeling to damp skin, massage the body, rinse with water.

1Pc COCKTAIL SCRUB Smoothing body scrub PEACH + KOMBUCHA

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£5.12 Regular Price
£4.61Sale Price
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