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Ultra-gentle Clean Shot facial cleansing foam  is a unique formula that combines  2% D-Panthenol Complex, niacinamide and betaine to provide your skin with maximum benefits. Thanks to its  ultra-gentle formula , the product is perfect for all skin types, ensuring a feeling of perfect cleanliness and freshness without the risk of irritation.  



Do you like light, cloud-like formulas and at the same time care about good skin cleansing? Fall in love with your daily care again  with the ultra-gentle Clean Shot facial cleansing foam!  This innovative product provides the skin with perfect  cleansing, hydration and refreshment , while protecting it against irritation. 

This innovative foam gently but effectively removes makeup and all impurities , while moisturizing the epidermis while washing. It is the perfect start to any care routine and the best base for further steps: tonic, serum or cream.

Active ingredients such as D-Panthenol have a soothing effect, just like a compress, niacinamide prevents water loss, and betaine additionally moisturizes and softens the skin. 

It is a must-have in daily care for anyone who values ​​professional but gentle skin cleansing. Regardless of your skin type, you will discover the difference after the first use!


  • Perfectly clean skin without irritations thanks to the ultra-gentle formula.
  • Intensive hydration of the epidermis already during washing.
  • Soothing and regenerating the skin.
  • Protection against water loss from the epidermis.
  • Soft and elastic skin.
  • An ideal base for further care steps: tonic, serum, cream.

1Pc CLEAN SHOT Ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam150ML

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