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lean Shot is an innovative combination of science and nature, created to provide your skin with immediate hydration and refreshment. The 5% electrolyte complex contained in this tonic works at the cellular level, restoring the skin's balance and optimal hydration. The tonic is enriched with rose, green tea and neroli hydrolates , which soothe, regenerate and refresh the skin , leaving it soft and radiant. Its light formula absorbs quickly, without burdening the skin, while providing it with comfort and a fresh glow. It will be great for morning care, during which every minute counts and is an ideal base for further steps: serum and cream.

This 2-in-1 product is perfect for people looking for effective skin hydration and refreshment. Its vegan formula will work well in the care of all skin types .


  • Instant hydration thanks to 5% electrolyte complex.
  • Refreshing and regenerating the skin with hydrolates from rose, green tea and neroli.
  • Light formula that does not burden the skin.
  • Fast absorption for maximum comfort.
  • Improved skin glow and appearance after the first use.
  • Vegan product, friendly to all skin types

1Pc CLEAN SHOT Tonic-hydrolate 150ml

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