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Vitamin face wash GEL + GENTLE PEELING is a cosmetic for everyday cleansing and refreshing of dry and sensitive skin.


VITAMIN B12 - a vitamin of natural origin with a beautiful pink color, which helps to soothe sensitive and stressed skin, brings relief, accelerates skin regeneration, gives it a radiant look.

BIOTIN - improves the condition of the skin, has strong moisturizing and regenerating properties, soothes and brings comfort to skin with a tendency to dry out.

COLLAGEN - noticeably revitalizes, effectively moisturizes and adds vitality that the skin loses with age.

PROVITAMIN D3 - helps soothe the skin, supports the epidermis barrier, restores comfort and healthy glow to the skin


PEELING PARTICLES of natural origin.

1Pc B12 BEAUTY VITAMINE Vitamin gel with peeling150ml

SKU: 196819
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