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pecialist shampoo for men – when used regularly, the product transforms grey hair into a natural, dark colour. A system of 4 active ingredients: Guarana, Biotin, Walnut, Brown Algae.

Designed by professionals, this shampoo masks greyness gradually and discreetly. The formula contains highly selected natural substances, owing to which it cleans and cares excellently for the hair and the skin on the head. The product does not contain SLS or SLES.

  • Guarana – known for its vitalising and stimulating properties, guarana provides the hair with a long-lasting shine.
  • Biotin (vitamin H) – biotin has a positive impact on the metabolism of the skin on the head. It facilitates the production of keratin, improving hair resilience and protecting against excessive hair loss.
  • Walnut – makes the colour of dark hair deeper, providing it with a beautiful shine.
  • Brown algae – reintegrates hair fibres, moisturising the hair and making it feel nice to the touch.

1Pc Anti-Gray Hair Shampoo 150g

SKU: 1451
£2.85 Regular Price
£2.71Sale Price
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