Revitalising anti wrinkle mask provides perfect care for demanding mature skin. The rich, concentrated formula, modelled on Japanese skincare patterns, makes the skin look beautiful and makes it, like the skin of Japanese women, smooth and look younger than it really is.


The active ingredients contained in the mask reach the problematic areas with Japanese precision and release their potential there, actively stimulating the skin to regenerate. The mask quickly and effectively improves the condition of mature skin. It moisturises the skin deeply, has nourishing and revitalising effect, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and makes it more radiant. It also contains SILK PROTEINS, which optimally moisturise, smooth out the skin and prevent its dryness, improve its smoothness and elasticity, regenerate it and make it more radiant.

18Pcs JAPAN LIFT Revitalizing antiwrinkle face mask 8 g

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