Extremely convenient in use peel-off formula does not burden the skin, spreads well, quickly congeals, creating a transparent coating in the color of green tea, easy to remove, giving visual improvement of the appearance of the skin, while feeling the hydration and refresh. The mask does not dirty hands, and its removal is very simple and does not leave any cosmetic residue on the skin.

The mask brightens discolorations, mats, tightens pores and reduces their visibility, moisturizes and smoothes, reduces the appearance of acne lesions, promotes a significant improvement in the appearance and condition of the epidermis. After removing the mask, you will discover a truly beautiful complexion. Because the mask, thanks to its peel-off formula, helps remove dirt and dead skin, smoothes and refreshes. It has properties that slightly light the skin and inhibit the effects of aging.
Application: for the care of mixed skin with a tendency to shine, imperfections and discoloration.
How to use: Apply the mask to the cleansed face. Steer around the eyes and lips. Leave for 15 minutes or until completely dry. Download in one piece. Wash the residue with warm water. Apply twice a week.

18Pcs Green Tea PEEL-OFF MASK 2 x 5 ml

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