A FRIEND OF dry and dehydrated skin The gel mask contains 99% of natural ingredients that guarantee optimal hydration of your skin. The mask will soothe the feeling of unpleasant tension and dryness of the epidermis. It will restore healthy look, glow and proper condition to the skin.



it helps maintain a balanced, natural microbiom of the skin ♥ We enriched the formula with beneficial ingredients. Have you heard of kakadu plum? This #superfruit that comes straight from Australia, one of the top ingredients in A-Beauty is a real vitamin C bomb, is a great antioxidant, it illuminates the skin and increases its elasticity. Jasmine softens the skin perfectly, soothes it, reduces fine lines and effectively moisturises. Mango has strong skin moisturising and regenerating properties.

18Pcs ECO NATURE Kakadu plum + Jasmine + Mango moisturizing and soothing mask

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