Bielenda Crystal Glow Refreshing and Detoxifying Mask with the Lemon Shimmer Effect detoxifies, moisturizes the skin, leaves it smooth to the touch and beautifully illuminated. The mask is the perfect way to refresh the epidermis and improve its appearance. The mask looks and smells phenomenal.

Carefully selected active ingredients in this product guarantee its effectiveness:

- lemon - it is beautiful and effective, and it is a stone of optimism, so you already know what will put your skin in a good mood, to this will effectively energize her.

- orange blossom extract - orange has a lot to offer, including precious aromatic flowers that refresh, antioxidant and moisturize the skin.

Effect: Refreshed, fantastically illuminated and detoxified skin. After all, it's essential!

Application: Apply the mask evenly on clean and dry skin, rinse thoroughly after 15 minutes.


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