Nail fungi appears fast on toenails and finger nails. However, the symptoms are usually invisible under layers of nail polish or are hidden by the shoes. Onychomycosis requires proper treatment so that doesn’t completely destroy nails Therapy inhibits nail fungal infections and restores the healthy condition of finger nails and toenails. This nail therapy has a composition of carefully selected ingredients that penetrate the nail and limit the excessive growth of micro organisms, thus protecting from fungus. In addition, the product nourishes and strengthens the structure of the nail plate and supports its regeneration. The product is very easy to use, it has a brush for easy application and is very effective. Recommended especially for people with weak and damaged nail plates that are prone to fungal infections. The product forms a watertight protective layer on the surface of the nail to inhibit the growth of fungi and accelerates the reconstruction the nail plate. Hides small imperfections. Eases the nail plate. This prevents recurrence of fungal infections and further accelerates the restoration of a healthy nail. Visible results after four weeks of use. For external use only. Dermatologically tested product. Clinically confirmed action. How to use: apply to washed and dried nails once a day for 4 days then wash off with nail polish remover without acetone and start therapy from the beginning. To protect a layer: after use, coloured nail polish can be used on top. After application, wait a few minutes for it to fully react.


12Pcs nail polish for nail fungus; feet and hands, mycosis, 12 ml