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EVELINE Cosmetics Spa Nail conditioner Argan elixir 12 ml

Eveline regenerative oil has become the number one among the preparations that care for your nails. It treats dry and hard skin around the nails, nourishes it, softens and prevents painful bumps. It also takes care of the nail bed itself, restores its gloss and strength and returns your hands to their natural beauty.


  • Avocado oil - contains a range of vitamins, softens hardened skin, promotes skin renewal
  • Almond oil - strengthens the nails, revitalizes the skin around the nails
  • Argan oil - reinforces nails

3Pcs Eveline Argan Elixir 8 in 1 Intensely Regenerating Oil for Cuticles & Nail

£3.69 Regular Price
£3.51Sale Price
1 Gram
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