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Deep cleansing nasal patches instantly improve the condition of mixed and oily skin.

An innovative formula based on natural active carbon quickly and effectively cleanses
the skin of toxins, removes difficult to remove blackheads and persistent impurities,
unblocks and narrows pores, prevents the formation of pimples.

Clean, smooth and dull skin, tightened pores and less visible.


 How to use:
Clean the nose, moisten it with water, dry your hands. Warning! The patch will not stick to dry skin.
Remove the patch from the packaging and remove the foil. Apply the plaster with a smooth side to
the moistened skin, press down. Wait 1-15 minutes. Remove slowly from both sides at the same time,
starting from the edges of the nose, pulling towards the center. Wash the residual carbon with water.

12PCS CARBO DETOX Charcoal nose strips 2 pcs

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