Snail Epil by EVELINE. Cream for legs and hands depilation, people with dry and sensitive skin. It has a special formula with the addition of filtered snail mucus, d-panthenol and chamomile, which does not irritate delicate skin. It works maximally close to the hair roots. Thanks to such characteristics, it provides express and efficient removal of even the most resistant hair. In addition, it strongly moisturizes, smoothes and soothes the skin after depilation. In addition, the cream makes the regrowth hair much thinner and weaker. The effect of smooth and soft skin lasts up to 7 days.

  • Depilating cream.
  • For dry and sensitive skin.
  • Removes even the most resistant hair.
  • Strongly moisturizes, smoothes and strengthens the skin.

1Pc Snail Epil Depilatory Moisturising Protective Body Cream 125ml

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