Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory tint cream for eyebrows and eyelashes gently dyes,
providing long-lasting color and enhancing the length and density of lashes.

It highlights the contour of the eyes and gives eyebrows a dream shape – particularly useful for ladies not endowed with well-defined eyebrows,  and those who want to add a bit of expression to their look.
It dyes grey hair, covers thin spots, unifies and harmonizes tone and models eyebrow shape.

Enriched with nourishing castor oil, the formula strengthens the hair and protects against loss.

Within five minutes of use, the hair start to darken. After ten minutes, a beautiful dark color is achieved.

✔️ Gently dyes
✔️ Long-lasting color
✔️ Enhancing the length
✔️ Models eyebrow shape.
✔️ Contains Castor oil which protect against hair loss.

1Pc Henna Eyebrow Tint Black Dark Brown Cream Eyelash Dye Tinting Lash 15ml

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