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BROW MULTIFUNCTION STYLER 3IN1 is a compact set for eyebrow styling, thanks to which they are perfectly throughout the day.

In three steps, it gives eyebrows an amazing look.

It contains three elements necessary to obtain the effect of beautiful and fashioned eyebrows.

Automatic stick with a triangular tip allows to give them shape and contour, the applicator in the form of a soft sponge fills the spaces between the hairs, and the brush allows you to accurately model the eyebrows providing an amazing end result.

Styling eyebrows is one of the most important elements of the perfect make-up. Only three steps will be enough to complement your makeup with extremely beautiful eyebrows.

BROW MULTIFUNCTION STYLER provides durable color and proper pigmentation of the eyebrows, and the correct hardness of the automatic eyebrow pencil prevents its brittleness.

Easy application and compact packaging saves both time and space in the vanity case. All these elements make the stylization process a pleasure.

It is an innovative way to perfect eyebrows for every woman who appreciates accurate and stunning makeup at any time.


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