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Going out with wet hair, especially in winter, can seriously damage them. So is the overuse of the dryer. Too hot temperature can cause permanent damage to the hair cuticle and weaken its structure. But in order to dry naturally, hair, especially long hair, needs a lot of time. And yet it is worth its weight in gold, especially in the morning! Your essential time-saver will be a hair turban that absorbs excess water and allows you to do other chores 


The turban is also suitable for hair care treatments. Put on the mask and then wrap your head with a towel. Under the influence of heat, the hair will better absorb the nutrients contained in the cosmetic. It will also help to shorten the time of styling treatments with a dryer by up to half. When your hair dries, you can also indulge in other care rituals, e.g. apply a mask or make a peeling

1 Pc HiSkin Crazy Hair Hair turban

SKU: 5907775547721
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